Meet Our Babies


Walter Thomas

Walter was the first official FCMS baby. He arrived on 9/9/17 weighing 8lb 3oz. He was #3 for Leigh Ella and Andrew, joining big brother Harvey and big sister Charlotte. He came swiftly before the big hurricane, keeping the midwife on her toes, or gas pedal rather.  Samantha was this family's midwife for their last two pregnancies.


Kai Shilah-Paxton

Born 10/01/2017 in the birthing tub in the backyard under the trees to a cool ocean breeze. Weighing in at 7.13 lb he joins big brother Cohen as the second baby for Miranda and Alex.



"In the wee hours of the morning on 10/17/17, I had the biggest privilege and honor in attending a very special rainbow baby's birth. It was a powerful, beautiful warrior of a mama that I love very much and feel so blessed to have been chosen as her midwife! I was one of the first to know of this sweet baby's existence and have been so excited for her arrival. In two swift pushes her mama birthed her completely in the caul in the water at home. As we lifted her onto moms chest we gazed at each other in astonishment at this perfect baby, we smiled, then I ugly cried."- Samantha Crickmore, LM


Nora Jane

Spent 11/3/17 beside strong first time mama Erin and proud dad Elliot, who swiftly welcomed their sweet 8.5lb baby girl Nora into the water at home.


River-Lee Grace

Welcomed baby girl River-Lee on 11/5 weighing in 8 pounds even with a beautiful head of hair. So proud of her mama's hard work and determination. She joins two big sisters. 


Emma Katherine

Emma Katherine was born 11/10/17 at home in the water at 11:55am weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces. She is the first baby for Kristy and Brendan. It was such an honor to witness a dear friend's birth.



Sweet boy arrived on 11/17 born quickly in the water to first time parents who welcomed him with such joy!



What's my favorite way to start Thanksgiving? Welcoming a new life! I'm grateful for my calling to be present for new mothers as they welcome their sweet babies. Happy Birthday baby Aella, weighing in at 7'4 your mama rocked her water birth!



Trinity was born at home in the water after a beautiful labor. She is the first baby for Mercedes and Tyler. She weighed 7'14.



Welcome MILO! Sweet surprise boy born in the water at home with FCMS. This is the second sweet baby I have had the honor of catching for one of my favorite famies. He weighed in at 6.13 lb, much bigger than his older brother :) He will catch up quick.



Let us welcome this sweet, petite and speedy girl. She came this morning without her mom even realizing she was in labor! She is the first baby for this lovely family. 5.11lb of pure love! She made her own plans and came 6 weeks early but is so alert and happy .



Welcome Miss Emily weighing in at 7 pounds 13 Oz she is the first vaginal birth after 3 cesareans for her very determined mama and supportive Dad. It was such a blessing to be a part of their care. I love this pic! Blood on my hands (from unexpectedly helping a resident catch the baby) and tears in my eyes (because VBAC is so close to my heart)


It was a speedy race to the finish line with 2 moms in transition on 2/1/18 but baby Apollo made his swift entrance first at 8.13lb and born in the water at home, he is the second baby for the sweet couple and joins big sister Pepper Ann who I also had the honor to catch! This is my 3rd baby total for this family!!



Welcome speedy baby Zayn! 7.2 lb of sweetness born at home this morning. He came in less than 2 hours from start to finish :0 I also caught his handsome big brother who will be very surprised to wake up to the new addition. Great job Jasmine and Willis on a third perfect boy ! Its such a joy to catch siblings and serve families through multiple pregnancies.


Welcome Samantha Rae 8.14lb born in water at home just like her big sister Hannah who I also had the joy of catching! Chunky baby girl took her time and with the help of Dr. Franca Bernal Alterman came smoothly. Dr. A also adjusted baby and me after birth as well. This is the first baby to be named after me and it was so emotional guiding her sweetness out onto her mamas chest. Catching a close friends baby is such a joy and nothing compares. 


This was 2 minutes after birth following a labor that lasted less than an hour. He didn't even wait for the pool to fill. Such a strong mama who birthed standing. He weighed 8'1 and joins a big brother and sister.